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Health and wellness is not just food (It's a lot about food) but it's also about mindfullness, exercise and education.

Let's focus on the exercise part!

Exercise for me has been a wide ranging and in most cases very enjoyable. I've tried so many things from Football to Kickboxing, Crossfit etc etc. One thing that has been a staple however and I feel because of the meditative aspects is running, both short to middle distance, long distance and sprinting.

This leads me to this weeks blog and my Sunday afternoon/ night long run. In Sundays I look to try and get out for my long recovery based run. This is usually around 60 minutes or so and focuses on building a smooth style that gets faster as it get's longer.

So last week it was dark when I decided to kick off and because I'm a scaredy cat, I decided to put in the earphones and block out the fact I was running through some of the dodgy parts of Lilydale (I Like Lilydale) at night.

Not knowing the tunes I wanted to listen to and also wanting to track my kilometres, I decided to use an App. Usually I'd use my watch for GPS, however my little friend Leo decided to bust the band and in turn render the watch useless (The band was also the plug for charging).

I decided to give the Nike+Run Club a go because I already had a Nike account form the said watch, and it didn't disappoint.

Rather than usual GPS I actually decided to use a guided training run (One of options Nike offers their run club) and the 60 minute session with Eliud Kipchoge, the athlete famous for running the fastest marathon of all time in the Nike+ breaking 2 event.

If you don't know the event I'm speaking about, it involved the scientific experiment which tested the ability of a human being to run the famed Marathon in under 2hrs. Check it out here (Link)

Back to my run! So I chose the 60 minutes with worlds best marathon runner and it wasn't what expected. The next 60 minutes was like a guided mediation fuelled by Kenyan drums and vocals, the soft voice of Eliud Kipchoge telling to stop focusing on "running" and to just run. To be part of the run, not the person running.

The results where actually amazing with the 60 minutes finishing before I knew it and the plan on gradually running faster not happening, rather the entire workout done at a much great pace than planned and to honest, felt like I was doing.

Other than the guided run, the NIKE+Run Club has options for training plans, goal based months i.e. 50km April etc and synchs nicely with Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

Highly recommend for those looking for some guided training and basic training plans and I look forward to giving some of the other sessions a go.

To grab a copy of the NIKE+ Run Club app, simply jump on the IOS or App store and search Nike+.



p.s. The APP is free too! Bargain!

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