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Becoming Bulletproof

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Designing the menu for Suburban Wholefoods was tough.....

What did people want to eat? How are we going to put it together? How much will we charge?

The food was tough but the drinks were easy. Sitting down we knew we wanted a speciality coffee, and a group that provided a high quality product without being "mainstream".

You has the other staples such as the Chai, Herbal Teas etc, the hot chocolates etc, they were sorted quickly.

One brew I really wanted on the menu however was a true bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee has been stretched and interpreted over the years. You'll probably have heard of caveman coffee, butter coffee . Lots of different names but truly there is only one bulletproof coffee.

To understand Bulletproof Coffee it's best to go back to it's origins and those of it's founder, Bulletproof Executive, Dave Asprey.

Dave Asprey is one of the first in a long line of "biohackers", a group of silicon valley techo's that have decided that to get the absolute best from themselves, physically and mentally, they needed to optimise.

Brain and mitochondrial health is where Dave specialises and it came about as a result of the usual crash and burn process. Dave had a range of disorders stemming from mould exposure and the subsequent health issues saw him ballon in weight.

Enter the Bulletproof Diet

Now bulletproof coffee (Yes we'll get to it) was created by Dave Asprey, but it stemmed from a diet he also created called the Bullletproof Diet.

Without going into this in detail, the premise of this approach to nutrition was a super clean but also high protein diet, followed by periods of fasting, usually intermittently (14-18 hours).

This diet, alongside the fasting brings on a state of ketosis in which your body utilises fat in place of glucose to fuel your system, ensuring a long lasting burn of steady energy. This provided effective for many of the tech entrepreneurs as well as provide weight loss benefits.

Now a biohacker can't just sit on their laurels and just do the normal thing, they need to optimise and this is where bulletproof coffee comes into play.

Enter Bulletproof Coffee (Organic mould free coffee + Brain Octane Oil + Grass Fed Butter or Ghee + Boiling Water), a way to bring on a heightened state of ketosis and bring on the natural ketones without he need for fasting.

A high performance drink that improves energy, but also cognitive function....and it's available at Suburban Wholefoods!

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